Eyes Of Network

Solution combining a pragmatic usage of ITIL processes
and a technological interface allowing their workaday application.

Presentation of Eyes

Presentation of Eyes

The Eyes range is made up of a set of Open Source solutions that meet the needs of the big crescents for the supervision of Business Information Systems. Five solutions today constitute our range.


IT Monitoring solution


Application monitoring by scenario


Advanced reporting about monitoring


Dynamic dashboard of KPI


Log analitics and capacity planning


IT Monitoring solution

Details by product


Security issue

A vulnerability have been detected in EyesOfNetwork, a patch is available.


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Security information CERTFR-2021-CTI-004

CERT organisation recently published an article concerning a cyberattack campaign affecting the Centreon monitoring solution. After investigating the attack methodology, we confirm that we are currently not vulnerable to this wave of massive attacks targeting only specific components present in Centreon.


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Unable to connect to the domain controller in unsecured LDAP connection

Communication in non-secure LDAP will soon become impossible by default from EyesOfNetwork to AD DS / AD LDS services (2020 LDAP channel binding and LDAP signing requirement for Windows)


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EyesOfNetwork Theme Manager

EyesOfNetwork now includes a theme manager allowing the selection of a graphic theme for the subcomponents (eonweb, thruk and lilac).


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Ticket creation module from EON

EyesOfNetwork now includes a generic module allowing manual or automatic creation of tickets from supervision events.


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Security issues

Several vulnerabilities have been detected in EyesOfNetwork, patches are available.


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You can download for free this releases. Please, help us to know you in addressing mail to eyesofnetwork@eyesofnetwork.com.
  • Version : 5.3

    GPL Version 2 EyesOfNetwork-5.3-x86_64-bin.iso


    1.5GB EON 5.3 64 Bits


    Release note EyesOfNetwork 5.3

    Major changes

    • Replace Pnp4Nagios by Grafana/InfluxDB
    • Performances enhancement

    Changes by sub-components

    NAGVIS (1.9.13-0)

    • FIX: Fixed possible "Cannot read property 'conf' ... Line 4383" error when trying to interact with the map while it is initially loading
    • FIX: Fixed incompatibility with PHP 7.2 when creating new users
    • FIX: Fixed loading sounds when using non standard HTTP/HTTPS ports
    • FIX: Fixed "JavaScript Error : checkHideMenu" on worldmaps when header is disabled
    • FIX: Network error popups are now shown when an error occurs and hidden again automatically when a subsequent call succeeds
    • FIX: Weathermap lines now respect the configured error colors
    • FIX: Fixed wrapping of long map names in sidebar
    • FIX: Fixed incompatibility with PHP 7.2 (count(STRING)) when creating roles
    • Improved error handling of CSV lines with less than 4 fields
    • FIX: Allow "*" character to be part of backend dbpass values
    • Multisite Snapin: Reworked data export API to snapin. The new API is compatible with Checkmk 1.6b2 and newer.
    • Configurable OpenStreetMap tile server URL (worldmaptiles{url,attribution})
    • OpenStreetMap tile colors can now be dimmed using the worldmap_tiles_saturate configuration option so that larger colorful backgrounds do not interfere with the map objects.
    • Optional 2nd map layer (satellite imagery)
    • FIX: Worldmap textbox visibility per zoom level
    • FIX: The "clone object" functionality did sometimes break with an error message like "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()". (Thanks to Vojtech Pithart for taking the time to improve the NagVis worldmap!)


    Any Bug fix or enhancement from 2013, product Deprecated in release 5.3-0

    NOTIFIER (1.1.2-3)

    • FIX: en_EN does NOT exist in locales

    LILAC (3.1-1)

    • Fix: Fixes xml import
    • Improvement: Add dupliacte button on host
    • Improvement: Add duplicate button on host template
    • Export Improvement: Add stop job button
    • Improvement: replaced input text with html5 textarea field (multiline support)


    New RPM package to deploy, manage Eyes with Ansible.


    Package php-mysql replaced by php-mysqlnd. PHP-MySQLND is a MySQL native Driver for PHP.

    HISTOU (0.4.3-0)

    New RPM package to create dynamic template for Grafana.

    NAGFLUX (0.4.1-0)

    New RPM package to collect PerfData from Nagios and convert to InfluxDB.

    GRAFANA (6.5.5-2)

    New RPM package to visualise Nagios PerfData and more.

    INFLUXDB (1.7.9-1)

    New RPM package to store Nagios PerfData and more.

    EONWEB (5.3-2)

    • Add CSV verify
    • fix hosts_cacti lisibility
    • Adding Release name in help_about
    • fix export diff (contact/contactgroup)
    • Replacing php-mysql by php-mysqlnd
    • Adding Cron task for InfluxDB Backups
    • Add menu to list unused templates

    EONCONF (5.3-0)

    • Add Grafana Conf
    • Add EON IP address in issue.sh
    • Edit snmptt configuration
    • Fix OCS version issue

    EONAPI (2.0-1)

    • FIX manage displayName
    • Add "modifyHostTemplate"
    • Add "deleteEonUser"
    • Add "modifyEonUser"
    • Add "createEonUser"
    • Add "{create,modify,delete}EonGroup", add new features to manage eonweb group (create/modify/* delete)
    • Add "exporterNotifierConfig", add function witch manage the exportation of notifier config
    • Add verification on the function add and modify rules
    • Add modifyNotifier{Rule,Method,Timeperiod}
    • Add {add,delete}Notifier{Rule,Method,Timeperiod}
    • FIX access class method
    • Backend: creation of foundations of the notifier database management (MVC modele)
    • Add the management of Global Nagios configuration
    • Add "deleteServiceGroup"
    • Add "createServiceGroup"
    • Add "createContactGroup"

  • Version : 5.2

    GPL Version 2 EyesOfNetwork-5.2-x86_64-bin.iso


    1.2GB EON 5.2 64 Bits


    • CentOS 7.5
    • Dépôts yum en ligne
    • Eonweb 5.2
    • Lilac 3.0
    • Nagios Core 4.3.4
    • Nagvis 1.9.8
    • Thruk 2.20

  • Version : 5.1

    GPL Version 2 EyesOfNetwork-5.1-x86_64-bin.iso


    970MB EON 5.1 64 Bits


    • Cacti 0.8.8h-1
    • CentOS 7.3
    • Eonweb 5.1
    • Fusioninventory-agent 2.3.18
    • Glpi 9.1.2
    • Glpi-fusioninventory
    • Lilac 2.5-1
    • Mklivestatus 1.2.8p17
    • Nagios-plugins 2.1.4
    • Nrpe 3.0.1
    • Thruk 2.12-3

  • Version : 5.0

    GPL Version 2 EyesOfNetwork-5.0-x86_64-bin.iso


    868MB EON 5.0 64 Bits



    CentOS 7
    Nouvelle interface eonweb responsive !!!!


    Cacti 0.8.8h
    CentOS 7.2
    Eon4apps 2.1
    Eonweb 5.0
    Fusioninventory-agent 2.3.17
    Glpi 0.90.3
    Lilac 2.5
    Mklivestatus 1.2.8p1
    Nagios-plugins 2.1.1
    Nagvis 1.8.5
    Notifier 2.0-2
    Ocsinventory 2.2
    Thruk 2.08-1



- Themes enhancement
- ITSM module enhancement

EON 6.0

- CentOS 8
- ITSM module v2
- New visual
- Perf Enhancement
- EONAPI update

EOA 3.0

-  creation of Docker image

EOR 3.0

- Replace DB by Elasticsearch
- eorweb update

EOI 2.1

- Administration WebInterface
- Templates by activities

Eyes 3

- Creation os Full ISO image for all components
2020 eonweb-5.3-9  
2021 EON 6.0   EOA 3.0   EOR 3.0   EOI 2.1   Eyes 3