The solution EyesOfNetwork is the result of more than ten years of joint work and experience in the field of monitoring.


The core team

The community open source project consists of :

  • Jean-Philippe Levy : Since 2001, after an experience  in infrastructure engineering during 6 years, Jean-Philippe is responsable of supply around free software and supervision in two large French IT specialist companies. Jean-Philippe is currently the project maintainer responsible for developing the front-end web and the packaging of the solution.
  • Jérémie Bernard : Engineer (ESG school), Technical expert for linux system and storage (EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp…) since 1999, Jérémie began his career as developper in a startup wich developped an object oriented high-performance graphics library sold to Apple. He is the author of libgenerics, libgtkol, eb, ged, gtkol-ldap and the plugins for GStreamer Apple Airport.
  • Michael Aubertin : Since 1997, Michael had many experiences in the field of critical infrastructure and Open Source. At the root of many contributions and projects: Mosix, MAXII Careless Network, EON … Michael is the leader of the community EyesOfNetwork.
  • Sebastian Fernandez : Since 1997, Seb had many experiences including 6 years  in system and network administration (Mainly the NT server and 2000/2003, Lotus Domino, samba-ldap postfix-part system and equipment level 2 / 3 Cisco, Avaya, 3com for the network portion). Seb is one of the main organizers of the Forum, in charge of the docs. He is also very active for debug.
  • Guillaume Ona : Since 2004, Guillaume had multiple experiences with the field of infrastructure Unix and Linux. He joined APX Integration in 2012. He participates in many projects around the world Unix, storage and of course the supervision of SI. Guillaume is one of the main organizers of the Forum and is active in debug.
  • Vincent Fricou : After a DUT  telecommunications and networks in 2010, Vincent gained experience in networks and Linux systems administration while getting his license Voice and Data Systems Integration. He is currently Infrastructures administrator in an urban community and supervision responsible. Vincent is the maintainer of the brick EyesOfNetwork advanced notification.
  • Emmanuelle Texeire : ISEN Engineer in 1996, after a validation study to Ifermer institute in imaging and modeling sonar, Emmanuelle worked 11 years in IT services in the field of large Unix systems for large companies in the automotive, electronics and computer manufacturer.
  • Anthony Leduc
  • Antoine Même
  • Cedric Barrere
  • Fabien Degenne
  • Hervé Commowick
  • Jean Nicolas Fritz




Your feelings

Do not hesitate to share your feelings on the solution by sending an email to the team EyesOfNetwork or via our forum.