Finding for an opensource and free IT monitoring solution ?


EyesOfNetwork (“EON”) is the OpenSource solution combining a pragmatic usage of ITIL processes and a technological interface allowing their workaday application. EyesOfNetwork Supervision is the first brick of a range of products targeting to assist IT managment and gouvernance. EyesOfNetwork Supervision provides event management, availability, problems and capacity.

The Release 5 reinforces always this positioning, by providing :

  • A new responsive web interface
  • Business Processes configuration tool
  • PDF reporting templates (monitoring+performances)
  • New design of web server
  • Automatic generation of performance graphs using performance data from Nagios (Pnp4nagios)
  • Calculation of owning time of events in the active queue (RSS Feed)
  • Generation of popups when events happened in the active queue
  • New plugins: Oracle, Network…
  • Easier hosts and services definition




The “bundle” EyesOfNetwork is composed of a minimalist operating system including an integrated set of applications that meet the different requirement for complete of IT monitoring:

  • GED (Generic Event Dispatcher) : Event handler secured and multi-sites,
  • NAGIOS : managing incidents and problems,
  • THRUK : multibackend monitoring webinterface,
  • NAGVIS : customizable mapping of the availability,
  • NAGIOSBP : management of the application criticality,
  • CACTI and PNP4NAGIOS: Performance Management,
  • WEATHERMAP : Mapping bandwidth,
  • BACKUP MANAGER : Online tool backup of the solution,
  • EONWEB : Unified Web interface of the solution,
  • EZGRAPH : Framework used for graphical rendering,
  • SNMPTT : SNMP traps translation,
  • GLPI / OCS / FUSION : Asset management and inventory.


EyesOfNetwork is accessible via a single Web interface that aims to bring together the various actors of an information system (Governance, Administrators, Technicians, Operators, …). Each of these actors has a view corresponding to his position. All informations are consolidated in a data base MySQL or Berkeley.

EyesOfNetwork is a licensed product GPL2 sponsored and proposed by AXIANS Cloud Builder as part of services (integration, remote service, support and application management).




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